Formatting Page Content on Your WordPress Site

This is a short instructional video on the different content formatting options available to you as you publish a new page on your WordPress site.

If you are a client of Arise Advertising Arts please feel free to contact me for help with anything on your site. If you are not currently a client but you have a small business and would like to develop a professional online presence quickly and easily, please contact me today so we can get started!

Long story short, with a WordPress site you have two modes of content entry. One is plain text (in the text tab) which most users should use only for adding code snips, like video embeds or paypal buttons. The other is the visual editor (which is in the visual tab) and has an editing toolbar very similar to most word processing programs.

We cover the basics of changing font sizes, and colors, bolding and italicizing, text alignment and the like. There are also a couple of important points for those of you starting out that are mentioned in the video including the paste as text feature and the toolbar toggle

This is part of a series of quick, very basic tutorials I am putting together for Arise Advertising Arts Clients. My goal is to help ensure that small business owners in the local market have access to the resources they need to stay current and active on the web.

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