Kellie Wilson
– Owner Of Evolve in Downtown Crystal Lake

Owner of EvolveMichael has been instrumental in the incredible presence and success of our small business. I strongly believe without his insight, skill, vision and integrity our shop would never have achieved the presence and visibility it has.

Because of the assistance I have received from Michael in the last 3 years, my business has gone from reaching 300 people to 7000 and growing fast. As a small retail shop it is imperative we continually interest our customer and impress upon them the value that we bring to them. Michael has dependably created a very impressive website and weekly newsletters filled with captivating information as well as insightful writing (yes, every week). We receive feedback from our customers constantly about how they look forward to receiving the gift of the newsletter in their email and how beautiful, informative and easy to navigate our website is.

Michael has also developed a webstore for us we are in the process of populating and multiple marketing materials that are designed masterfully. In effect, our presence makes a very professional impression that people recognize and comment about all the time. In addition to his advanced technical skills, he also possesses a brilliant and caring mind which his work embodies and reflects.

I believe an enormous amount of the success of our shop is attributed to Michael’s contributions and dependability. Please see our website and sign up for our newsletter to witness for yourself! He is truly an enormous asset to our business which we feel blessed to have. He comes highly recommended by me.

David Rainoshek
– Writer, Health Professional and Creator of Juice Feasting™

David-Rainoshek“With over 2 years of dedicated work on each aspect of my online business, Michael Croteau has skillfully collaborated with me to set my unique visions for several large training courses into action in the online space, including marquis projects like HyperLearning, Revolutionary Webinars, and Juice Feasting.

Many web designers are primarily focused on “the back end” systems of your website, but Mike brings a breadth and depth of vision about the interface between the human experience and our emergent creativity, growth, and possibilities on the web that marries smart systems with leading-edge product development and execution.

What you will experience with Michael is not only a designer who is on point and growing with the fast pace of information technology, but a professional who understands the needs and capacities of the evolving minds that use it.

Michael is not only a tremendous asset to my business, but a trusted colleague that brings integrity to every project he develops.”