Web Design for Wall-Pro Painting!

RodneyPagsI have known Rodney Paglialong of Wall-Pro Painting Services inc. for quite a few years now.

When we first met, I was looking for a job and he hired me as an apprentice painter. I already had several years of practical graphic design experience under my belt and I was learning web development as well, so before long, Rodney decided to have me design his logo and first website.

The logo, I am proud to say, is still looking classy and with a mild re-branding it fit’s well into all of his marketing materials including his website.

His original website looked nice enough for a beginner built site:


Of course, this was one of my first attempts at web development and design. There was no responsive theme, no planning for mobile devices at all actually, and very little attention paid to search engine optimization or even user experience beyond a vague notion that the site should be navigable and fairly neat. Continue reading Web Design for Wall-Pro Painting!